Tulas Srinivas

On her visit to speak about the forces of Soft Power on the future of global cities for Our City Thoughts in Miami FL, Tulasi out-trended the Miami Heat and one of the top rated TV shows that evening on Twitter.

City+ Development

Architect with Chandavarkar and Thacker, Bangalore. 1986-1989. Worked on Infosys Heritage building Electronics city, and Aditi Mallya International School building.

Urban Planner with Public works Design , Los Angeles. 1991-1993. Electric trolley bus project, Metro imagination project, LA, Redevelopment project, Culver City and Laguna Beach.

Urban Rights Collective group, UCLA. 1992-1993.with Charles Jencks, Ed Soja, Dana Cuff and Mike Davis.

Boston Redevelopment Authority. 1995-1997. Consultant on redevelopment of South Boston parks.

Bangalore City Planning initiative. 2005-08.Worked with NGO Janagraha on rights to the city. Consultation on footpaths and illegal building.

Bangalore City green Initiative. "Save the trees". Coalition of city planners and citizens groups across the city.

Bangalore City planning.2013- current Collaboration with Naresh Narasimhan, principle, Venkataraman Associates, Bangalore. Urban Planning Bangalore 21st Century plans.

World Economic Forum, Davos. Held in Abu Dhabi. Panel on " Whose City is it Anyway? with Saskia Sassen.

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